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Fertilizer, Weed and Pest Control


MD Property Services, Inc. provides fertilizer, weed and pest control services to properties of all sizes, including personal and multi-family residences, HOAs, corporate campuses and office complexes.




Our trained fertilizer applicators can keep your property in the green of health all season. Our unique fertilization schedule combines fertilizer and weed control treatments over a series of applications per season, based on the time of year, to give you more value with each application.

Weed Management


Our weed control experts will spray pre-emergent weed prevention in the spring to stop weeds before they can take root and follow up with a regimen of post-emergent treatments designed to kill the weeds that crop up in lawns and flower beds

Pest Management


Our pest management specialists can control all outdoor pests, including wasps, spiders, mice, gophers, voles, etc., by spraying foundations and other places pests like to hide.

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