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Sprinkler Repair

MD Property Services, Inc. provides sprinkler repair services to properties of all sizes, including personal and multi-family residences, HOAs, corporate campuses and office complexes.

Sprinkler System Installation

A good sprinkler system can take the guess-work out of your summer, as well as keeping your landscape lush through the heat. Our installation experts can design a system to fit your landscape’s unique needs.

Sprinkler System Maintenance & Repair

Our sprinkler technicians can easily monitor your system all summer and catch and fix problems before they have time to grow. All sprinkler maintenance is done on a schedule determined by the property owner and in a way that will best suit the owner’s needs.

Even the best sprinkler systems break down. Our sprinkler technicians will respond quickly to any problem, at any hour.



Sprinkler System Start Up &

Shut Down

Our system start up and shut down services ensure that you start and finish the sprinkler season on the right note. To start your system, our technicians will turn on the water to the system, set the clock to owner specifications and run the full system to check for any repairs that need to be made. At the end of the season, our technicians will turn off the water to the system.

Sprinkler System Blow Out


Sprinkler blow outs include the basic shut down service, as well as blowing any excess water out of the pipes using a pressure blower, decreasing the opportunities for water to freeze in the pipes over the winter and cause cracking and breaking.

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