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Don't just take our word for what we do. Hear what a few MD Propery Services, Inc. customers have to say about our services.


Jason Suchar – Property Manager

“We’ve found them to be honest and reliable, responsive and they do great at communicating with our clients and with our staff on our needs to customize our service to fit. They bring a lot of value with their company. They bring great pricing and value with their services.”


Hyatt & Harper Co.


Matt Shipp – Director of Highland City

“They’re ahead of schedule with their landscaping…

The cost is very effective and their crews have been very efficient in what they’ve done.”



Merlin Holyoak – Supervisor at Oakland Construction

“MD  has managed this contract for us in a high quality manner. I am able to call them at any given moment and have a crew out here giving quality service to our needs. They’re quick to respond, the quality of the work is very high and we have been very pleased with the service that we have received from MD.”



Ray Bradley – Director of Facility Management


“The guys have really been meticulous, careful to protect the other things around my finishes.

I just really think they’re a good company and have done me a great job on my project.”


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